Our Code of Conduct
At Supreme, our work is demanding and often dangerous. Regardless of the challenge, we maintain the highest standards of ethics and integrity at all levels at all times. Our constant commitment to ethical conduct empowers us to make appropriate decisions, to respect local cultures and mores, and to recognize and award the outstanding character of our team. Our culture is built upon principles of:

Commitment – we are fully aligned with our clients’ mission, and committed to achieving results. Our dedication to success empowers us to overcome challenges both natural and man-made.

Responsibility – we demonstrate responsibility by weighing the implications and consequences of every action. We hold ourselves accountable for the outcome. This motivates us to think quickly, and make conscientious decisions.

Respect – we respect the local cultures in the regions where we operate, and we promote a tolerant, harassment-free internal culture where all employees are treated respectfully and equally.

Integrity – we display integrity in our behavior at all times, from the corporate level to the individual employee. We do not misuse company time or assets, and we adhere to the highest standards of integrity when interacting with government leaders worldwide.

Protection – we go to great lengths to ensure that all Supreme Group property and personnel are secure at all times. We place strong emphasis on protecting intellectual property and confidential information, and promote a working environment where employees feel safe.

Fairness – we believe in fair compensation for our employees, and seek fair payment for our services when securing contracts. We do not give or accept gifts or bribes, and firmly believe that hard work should be rewarded in kind.

Compliance –we meet or exceed all local, national and international laws and regulations governing practices in the regions where we operate, without exception. This includes international environmental regulations.

Support - we hold ourselves accountable internally, and honor our duty to report any behavior that conflicts with the principles of the Supreme Group Code of Business Ethics and Conduct. We provide all employees with a clear network of supervisors, managers and human resources professionals to quickly and effectively address any ethical concerns. 

These principles form the Supreme Group Code of Business Ethics and Conduct.  Our adherence to this code at all operational levels is what sets us apart.



Ethical Recruitment Practices
All of Supreme’s recruitment policies and practices are fully legal, ethical and in-line with global best practices.  We have a zero tolerance approach for any sort of exploitation of our employees and we have many checks in place to make sure this is controlled.  We use a combination of recruitment agencies and direct recruiting to fill our roles around the world and we do everything we can to protect our employees from any kind of exploitation.Thorough due diligence are conducted on our recruitment partners to ensure that only fully legal and compliant recruitment processes are adopted. Any recruitment-related concerns can be directed anonymously to our dedicated, multilingual Ethics Reporting Hotline.

Slavery and Human Trafficking
Supreme Group recognizes that the issue of slavery and human trafficking is a global issue and we are dedicated to ensuring strict compliance to the Modern Slavery Act 2015. Statement on slavery and human trafficking.

We are committed to preventing such acts within our own business and supply chains and implement a robust due diligence process across our network. We also expect suppliers to adhere to our strict ethical standards incorporated in our Code of Business Ethics and Vendor Vetting Agreement, which include mandatory disclosure of all policies in relation to freedom from slavery and assurances that such practices are not tolerated.


Take antibiotics as instructed by your healthcare provider. Do not violate the directions of your doctor. If you use a wrong dose, miss the doses or take the drug for longer or shorter periods, it may contribute to the development of antibiotic resistance, which may provoke further spread of bacteria and recurrence of the disease. Even if you feel a lot better after several days of treatment, you should still talk to your doctor before you stop using the drug to avoid undesirable health outcomes;