Soaring Above to Deliver More
Air transport is a vital link in the global supply chain. At Supreme, our Aviation Services enable rapid delivery of mission-critical supplies to military forces, government and energy sector clients operating in remote regions worldwide. Our team of highly trained aviation professionals has successfully provided airlift services to NATO, the United Nations, and the US Military in Asia, Africa and the Middle East for more than a decade.

Each year, we fly more than 20,500 air missions, logging an average of 45,000 total flight hours across the fleet. Since taking to the skies, we have delivered more than 200 million kilograms of cargo in Afghanistan alone.

Aviation Safety is our highest priority. Our dedicated full-time Flight Safety Team boasts a stellar safety record, despite operating in some of the world’s toughest and most demanding environments. Our Aviation division holds ISO 9001:2008 certification, and operates ongoing mature flight safety and oversight programs which fulfill in-theater requirements. Our aviation management and operations staff hail from the world’s top military and civilian organizations, many holding certifications from the US Federal Aviation Administration and the International Civil Aviation Organization.

We maintain an expansive aviation fleet that includes a wide array of fixed and rotary wing aircraft, each optimized to meet mission requirements. Aircraft including Mi-8T/MTV/171/AMT, Mi-26, B-747, IL-76, and AN-12/26/28/72/74 are stationed for rapid deployment across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. In addition, we provide charter operations using Boeing 747s throughout the Middle East and Afghanistan. 

For secure, professional, rapid and efficient air transport, Supreme Aviation services deliver beyond the call. 

Proven Experience

"We are proud to invest in our people, and we have developed a highly trained and experienced workforce.  The rationale is simple. The team with the best players wins."