Technical Services


Engineered for Excellence
At Supreme, our expert technical teams possess the unique capabilities to build and operate fully-functional facilities from the ground up. We deploy specialists, engineers and experienced tradesmen across a wide spectrum of services to undertake the construction and daily maintenance that enable facilities to operate smoothly. Our talented technicians meet client needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. 

We provide the sale, lease and maintenance of Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems to remote facilities. We offer electrical services that meet or exceed UK 17th Edition and/or NEC standards. Our skilled construction and plumbing technicians build and maintain the infrastructure of our facilities, often overcoming considerable challenges posed by austere environments.

Our mechanical technicians operate and maintain generators, kitchen equipment, machinery as well as both light and heavy-duty vehicles.

Water Supply
To enable self-sufficiency, we build and maintain fully-operational Reverse Osmosis water treatment plants. This allows for continued fresh water supply in regions where ground water is scarce. Recently, our engineers designed, built and now operate a world-class water bottling plant capable of producing up to 16000 bottles of VETCOM approved water per hour.

Medical Services
Our clients’ health and safety is our highest priority. We build and operate Role 1 medical centers that provide medical screening and support including first aid, immediate lifesaving measures and triage. In addition to immediate trauma care, our medical facilities offer preventative care and treatment for common illness and stress. Dental services can be integrated within the medical center, or we can build dental clinics as stand-alone facilities. In addition to operating fully-functional medical centers, we provide trained First Aid professionals who can be embedded within a clients’ existing staff. 

Proven Experience

“We apply the highest standards of ethics and integrity across our organization at all times. We always display integrity, fairness, commitment, responsibility and respect to our employees, partners and clients.”