Building Homes Away from Home
At Supreme, we provide accommodations that help guests feel comfortable in the world’s most challenging and remote environments. We draw upon decades of proven facilities management expertise to design, build and operate hotels that meet customer needs and offer best value for cost. Supreme hotels provide the complete suite of hospitality services, offering safety and relaxation even in inhospitable areas.

Our hotels offer dining facilities, leisure and recreation facilities, gaming centers, retail stores and coffee shops. Additional amenities include reception areas with attentive staff, efficient check-in policies, chauffer services, and media centers.  Our facilities also offer wireless internet, on-site laundry, and entertainment rooms for relaxation and convenience.

Most importantly, Supreme hotels are designed and operated with guest security as the highest priority.  Additional security details such as on site bunkers, specially designed security systems, and in-house security personnel provide unrivalled security at all times. Our goal is to provide safety and comfort to our guests so that they can focus on business, rather than the environmental risks that may be present. 

Proven Experience

“We like ‘difficult’. When everyone else thinks that a situation is hopeless and back away, we look at it from another angle. This is what we specialize in.”