Remote Facilities Management:
For troops and personnel stationed in austere and dangerous environments, the small comforts of home can provide enormous relief. At Supreme, we strive to provide our clients with a home-away-from-home environment even in the most inhospitable regions. We offer full remote facilities management services for camps, bases, offices, barracks and offshore platforms located in challenging areas around the globe.

Our services include:

We provide cleaning services for kitchens, offices, and accommodation facilities.

Vector Control
We offer mapping, trapping and analysis of pests. Our services include spraying, fogging and disposal of all air and waterborne pests.

Waste Management
We lease, collect and maintain waste bins and portable toilets, and provide solid and septic waste disposal along with safe disposal of hazardous materials.  In addition, we provide solid waste recycling solutions for materials including PET and aluminum.

Water Treatment
We build, operate and manage sewage treatment facilities to provide both reclamation and disposal.

Fire and Safety Services
Our certified safety technicians design and implement facility-wide fire safety systems, including fire extinguisher supply and refilling services. In addition we provide ongoing fire safety training to personnel within the client organization.

We staff and maintain full-service accommodation facilities including living quarters, dining, and recreation facilities.

Site Supervision
Our experienced administrators oversee operations within facilities to ensure QHSE standards are maintained and products and services are delivered efficiently and on time.

Perimeter Fencing
We provide construction services for perimeters that are custom tailored to meet clients needs, from minimum security to advanced perimeter reinforcement.

Security Services
Our elite teams of security professionals provide constant protection of assets, perimeters, VIPs and transport processes, regardless of threat level. 

Proven Experience

“Most of Supreme’s work is performed in some of the world’s most remote locations. It is ‘mission impossible’, every day.”