Building the Supply Chain from Foundation to Finish
At Supreme, when we offer catering services, we build the kitchen and dining facility as well. When we provide supply chain solutions, we build the warehouses and fueling centers. Construction services are a central component to our end-to-end supply chain solutions capabilities, and our construction professionals deliver the highest quality workmanship, even in the most austere and challenging environments. We offer turnkey services including design, pricing, build, labor and project management in order to meet requirements on time and on budget, anywhere in the world.

Our advanced construction teams build all forms of remote facilities, from temporary modular structures to permanent structures with concrete foundations. All building projects are conducted according to internationally recognized labor and safety standards. We abide by British, European and United States standards and certifications for installation, inspection and testing of all electrical work, depending on clients’ needs. Once a facility has been completed, our Technical Services teams can provide full facilities management and technical equipment servicing.

Thanks to our experience completing successful projects for defense forces in Afghanistan and elsewhere, we are uniquely prepared to meet the construction needs of energy and extractives and private sector clients. We deliver high quality craftsmanship, even in the most austere and challenging locations.

We offer capabilities to build:

Accommodation / Offices

  • Permanent solutions using concrete foundation
  • Flat pack solutions
  • Converted containerized solutions 


  • Food warehousing solutions
  • Temperature controlled warehouses – freezers and chillers


  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Waste recovery plants

Water Facilities

  • Water treatment plants
  • Water bottling facilities
  • Water bores 

Civil Works

  • Cleaning and compacting site
  • Drainage

Generator Farms

  • Fully synchronized farms up to 6 megawatt

Laundry Facilities

  • Laundry facilities with a capacity of up to 20,000 bags per month 

Fuel Installations

  • Specialized Fuel Installations
  • Fuel bladders
  • Fuel pipelines and control rooms

 Bakeries with Specialized Blast Freezers

Proven Experience

“Our quality standards are among the best in the world.”