Food, Water & Service Solutions
Fresh, nutritious food is one of the familiar comforts of home. At Supreme, we strive to achieve that subtle comfort by providing complete catering services to defense forces, government workers and commercial sector clients located in remote and challenging locations. We offer a full range of food supply services from dining facility construction, to water bottling and supply, to large-scale labor support. Our teams are able to mobilize rapidly and efficiently anywhere in the world.

We provide food that is healthy and delicious, sourced fresh and climate controlled throughout the storage and delivery process. We offer menus that feature American, Asian, British and European dishes in addition to ethnic menus catering to the tastes of over 50 diverse nationalities. Our monthly menu cycles are adapted to seasonal changes and incorporate special dishes for National Days of Importance.

Since 2008, we have served more than 130 million meals.  There have been no food-related incidents reported across our entire scope of operations, all thanks to our robust, proven Quality Management Systems. Our Catering Services division holds ISO 9001:2008 accreditation with elements of ISO 9004:2009 accreditation and we meet all JSP 456, TB MED 530 and VETCOM military standards.  Specific sites are also certified to ISO 22000:2005.

Our Catering Services Provide

  • Approx 40,000,000 meals per year
  • Approx  34,000,000 kg of products per year
  • Approximately 34,500,000 liters of water per year

Current and Former Clients Include

  • UN
  • NATO
  • US Forces
  • US Department of State
  • UK Forces
  • Dutch Forces
  • German Forces
  • Hungarian Forces
  • Swedish Forces
  • Canadian Forces
  • Australian Forces
  • Mining companies in Mongolia

Proven Experience

"For over half a century, we have created an unmatched network of contacts, operations and expertise. We are a world leader in our field and our company is uniquely positioned to help solve even the biggest supply chain challenges."