Total Solutions, Lasting Results
At Supreme, we enable mission success by providing our clients with total, end-to-end supply chain solutions. We undertake a customized, analytical approach to understanding client needs, and then develop streamlined, integrated systems to deliver results. Our proven expertise operating in remote and challenging environments, along with the vast scale of our global network allows us provide unparalleled service and unrivalled quality. Our specialized services include:

From the source to solution, we provide procurement services that enable rapid delivery of mission-critical goods and services efficiently and economically anywhere in the world. Our sheer scale of operations means that we benefit from price advantages due to economies of scale. 

Over air, land or sea, Supreme Group’s fleet is primed and poised to deliver. We manage a fleet of more than 2,500 vehicles, and at any one point we have more than 600 trailers on the road. Our expansive aviation fleet, which includes more than 40 fixed and rotary wing aircraft, is stationed for rapid deployment across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.  Since 2002, we have been an airlift services provider in support of the NATO Multinational Forces, the United Nations and the United States military across three continents.

Supreme storage facilities are strategically located across the globe to enable rapid delivery of fuels, foods and dry goods to our clients who operate in remote areas. We operate more than 25 foodservice and dry goods storage warehouses in nine countries globally. The warehouses vary in capacity from 300 – 40,000 pallet spaces and feature special technology that helps to preserve food quality while reducing sanitation risks. 

We provide the technologies that enable rapid information exchange even in areas that lack existing infrastructure. We design and provide remote IT platform setup and operational systems to ensure constant connectivity for our clients operating in challenging environments, where the need for information is intensified.

Site Services
At Supreme, we can transform barren land into a fully-functioning, self-sustaining facility in a matter of weeks. Our expertise extends to construction, catering, facilities management, retail and hospitality. Our catering services alone provide around 40 million meals per year; while our water bottling plants produce around 34.5 million liters of water every year.

Proven Experience

"We constantly upgrade our systems and our methods to stay at the top of our game. Our commitment to innovation sets us apart and ensures results in even the most complex situations."