Working with us


Our People and Culture

At Supreme Group we combine more than 50 years of experience and the skills of thousands of employees to consistently deliver highly efficient solutions for complex client requirements.  We employ a diverse workforce and place great importance upon attracting, motivating and retaining skilled and professional people. We recognize employee contribution and commitment through development and growth opportunities throughout the organization.

In supporting our customers and company culture, we are highly aware of the need to maintain the highest ethical standards throughout our operations. Our Code of Business Ethics and Conduct supports the delivery of high quality standards and includes policies and processes which ensure equity and consistency in relation to employee conduct, as well as background checks on the credentials of candidates, suppliers and subcontractors prior to engagement.

Ethical Recruitment Practices
Supreme Group  is committed to ensuring an ethical and transparent recruitment process.  All of Supreme’s recruitment policies and practices are fully legal, ethical and in-line with global best practices.  We operate in a highly ethical framework with a commitment to both corporate and individual responsibility and accountability; an approach that is strongly supported by the CEO, the Executive Committee and employees. A strong commitment to ethics and integrity isn’t just the right way to do business; it’s how we earn the trust and respect that is crucial to our success. Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct underpins all of our business operations, including our hiring processes.

We have a zero tolerance approach for any sort of exploitation of our employees and we have many checks in place to make sure this is controlled.  We use a combination of recruitment agencies and direct recruiting to fill our roles around the world and we do everything we can to protect our employees from any kind of exploitation. Thorough due diligence checks are conducted on our recruitment partners to ensure that only fully legal and compliant recruitment processes are adopted. Any recruitment-related concerns can be directed anonymously to our dedicated, multilingual Ethics Reporting Hotline.

Learning and Development

We offer certified classroom courses, as well as e-learning modules, that provide employees with key opportunities to develop themselves professionally and personally. Programs include a variety of topics, from leadership, to project management and diversity in the workplace. Programs are selected by the employee in consultation with their line manager, taking into account personal and professional interests and what best suits the employee's career objectives and role at Supreme. Further development opportunities are also available including technical training, a graduate program and funding of tertiary qualifications.

Working Conditions and Benefits

Supreme continually diversifies its business to suit our customers' changing requirements and with that comes many excellent development and growth opportunities for our employees. The industry is fast moving which encourages our employees to be dynamic and efficient.

Following the internationally recognized Hay Job Evaluation and Grading system, we ensure our employees are compensated equitably and rewarded appropriately for their work contribution and effort. A variety of benefits are available to our employees, depending on work location and the level of the role.

Proven Experience

"We are proud to invest in our people, and we have developed a highly trained and experienced workforce.  The rationale is simple. The team with the best players wins."