Supreme Group launches Local First Program for community development in Africa

01 July 2013, Africa - Supreme has recently launched a Local First Program in Africa; an initiative designed to enhance community development through the hiring and training of local nationals for management positions within the company. The program was initiated in the Ivory Coast in May 2013, with plans to expand to more of Supreme’s operations across Africa in future.

A Management Training Program is being implemented to increase the number of African Nationals in Supreme’s workforce, which currently stands at 75 per cent across five countries in Africa. The first group of managers from the Ivory Coast has been recruited and completed management training at Supreme’s international offices. In the next few months, Supreme will be conducting training in other locations so as to enhance the skills and develop the career succession plans of employees.

“Supreme is committed to providing employment and career development opportunities in local communities where we operate. The employment opportunities we provide enable local employees to learn new skills, earn a decent wage, and provide for their families,” said Victoria Frost, Director of Corporate Development, Marketing & Communications, Supreme Group. “This also makes good business sense as we improve the agility and effectiveness of our operations by understanding the local cultures and requirements fluently.”

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Press Release: Supreme Group launches Local First Program for community development in Africa

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