80,000 roast lunches served to celebrate Christmas in Kabul

26 December 2012, Kabul, Afghanistan - More than 80,000 meals of turkey and gourmet trimmings were served to troops stationed across Afghanistan yesterday, as part of celebrations designed to bolster the Christmas spirit of the troops serving in support of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) mission in the country. Musicians, carol singing and X-Factor styled games also featured in the celebrations.

“We designed a full Christmas program to comfort and support the troops during the festive season,” said Victoria Frost, Director of Communications at Supreme Group, one of the world’s largest supply chain and associated support solutions providers. “Our goal was for the troops to enjoy Christmas despite being away from their loved ones, by providing the best Christmas food available and in a beautifully decorated environment.”

Thousands of troops stationed across the remotest corners of Afghanistan feasted from a selection of seven different Christmas menus yesterday, which included roast turkey and strip loin, seafood, gratins, winter vegetables, sweets, Christmas pudding, egg nog and other seasonal delights – with many of the ingredients flown into Afghanistan especially for the occasion. During lunch, the military organized musicians to perform in the dining facilities (DFACs) to entertain the soldiers and contractors during the meals.  In Kabul, an X-factor styled competition was also held in the evening as part of the celebrations.

At its larger facilities, Supreme customized its DFACs to reflect the various demographics of the troops, offering tailored menus that featured American, Asian, British and European dishes. The DFACs were adorned with festive interior decorations, such as decorated garlands and baubles, as well as Christmas trees and Santas.
“By all accounts it was a great day and everyone enjoyed themselves.  We hope that these activities brought some cheer and warmth to the troops, especially at this time of the year,” Frost concluded.

Established in 1957, Supreme Group provides complete catering services to defense forces, government workers and commercial sector clients stationed in remote and challenging locations. The company offers a full range of food supply services from dining facility construction, to water bottling and supply, to large- scale labor support. One of the company’s largest operations is the delivery of perishable goods, mostly fresh fruit and vegetables, to the troops and personnel scattered throughout Afghanistan in support of the ISAF mission.


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