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Thriving Communities, Children First
At Supreme, our work doesn’t stop at the end of the supply chain. Instead, we go beyond to improve the quality of life in the communities where we operate.  The Supreme Foundation is our way of giving back.

The Supreme Foundation’s mission is to provide opportunities for disadvantaged children in countries where Supreme operates to achieve their full potential.  The Foundation focuses particularly on improving the health, education, safety and living conditions of disadvantaged children. Our vision is to help vulnerable children develop the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to lead successful, sustainable lives and contribute to their families, communities and countries.

To date, the Supreme Foundation’s work includes substantial investments in schools, healthcare facilities, and housing developments in communities from Bosnia to the Ivory Coast to Afghanistan. Our clothing and food donations have brought warmth and nourishment to children who would have otherwise gone without. Our gifts and toys brought laughter and smiles, even amidst conflict and difficulty.

Current Projects:

Action Afghanistan  is a specialized school and training program that helps young people from less fortunate backgrounds learn how to weave and sell beautiful handmade Afghan carpets. Students receive literacy and mathematics lessons in addition to free on-site healthcare.

Mazar E. Sharif Orphanage is a Red Crescent-sponsored facility that provides shelter, medical care and education to orphans and needy families.

Tomorrow’s Hope Foundation provides shelter and support for Afghan orphans, single mothers and homeless children. The dedicated staff ensures that the children have a home, basic education and hot meals.

Supreme Group employees, family members and business associates donate time, resources, energy and ideas as volunteers for The Supreme Foundation. All fundraising and charitable projects are overseen directly by Supreme employees. This reinforces the company connection to the communities on a person-to-person level. Thanks to the efforts of the Supreme Foundation, those fundamental values of integrity and ethics upon which Supreme Group is founded are brought to life in remote communities across the world.

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2013 Supreme Foundation Report.

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