Protect and Preserve
We believe that sustainability and responsible resource management are critical to ensuring environmental, social and economic prosperity in areas where we operate. Therefore, we strive to minimize our negative environmental impact and promote responsible stewardship in all that we do.

At Supreme, we hold numerous certifications such as ISO14001:2004 for Environmental Management. In addition, we maintain strict processes and standards in order to ensure efficient stewardship of resources, and safe waste disposal. 

At Supreme, we pledge to:

  • Assess environmental risk and impact of planned operations; modify plans to mitigate impact
  • Partner with contractors who share Supreme Group’s commitment to sustainability
  • Maintain open communication internally and amongst project stakeholders to ensure sustainability standards are met at all levels
  • Reduce waste and promote conservation of energy and materials
  • Provide ongoing sustainability training to employees and contractors
  • Contribute to efforts to maintain and restore the natural environment






Proven Experience

"Supreme’s solution, in concert with our partners, provides a scalable capability that can grow and evolve to meet the tempo and requirements of ISAF forces during the next 18 months, when redeployment and retrograde activities gain momentum."