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Corporate Sustainability


Improving Lives Wherever We Serve
At Supreme Group, our goal is to foster and enhance sustainable business practices throughout our organization while maintaining high legal and ethical standards. We aim to treat all our stakeholders fairly and to have a positive social impact in the countries in which we operate by minimizing the environmental impact of our operations, providing employment opportunities and working in partnership with local communities to promote sustainable welfare initiatives.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a fundamental part of the way we do business, and an essential element of our success.  Our strategies, achievements and challenges to date are outlined in our 2013 CSR Report.

You can also view our 2012 CSR Report here

Our corporate sustainability efforts are outlined in our Statement of Intent.

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Discover more about the work of our charitable group, the Supreme Foundation.

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“We deal with challenges every single day. The most unusual things become the norm. But we always find a solution and deliver results that exceed expectations. This is in our DNA”.