Retrograde Solutions


End-to-end retrograde and reverse supply chain services

At Supreme we offer end-to-end retrograde and reverse supply chain services. By leveraging our established and extensive transportation network, we can provide not only forward operating supply chains, but also the reverse operations required during a military draw-down. Our proven expertise in operating alongside military forces means we provide a reliable, rapid and cost effective service. We have the facilities, means and expertise to manage the retrograde process for our clients, even while they simultaneously sustain critical in-theater operations.

Consultancy Services

We work closely with clients to find the most efficient and cost effective solution to any retrograde-related problem. We understand the challenges involved in repatriating equipment in remote regions; and we can address even the most complex problem such as terrain, weather conditions, poor infrastructure and road networks, political tensions and other threats. Our advisory service helps clients to navigate through the myriad environmental, financial and governmental regulations that often need to be considered in retrograde operations.


We utilize our established networks over land and air to repatriate materials quickly and efficiently, to virtually anywhere in the world.  In addition, we utilize our existing air transportation capacity to offer ‘space available’; for a fast, efficient and affordable repatriation solution. Our logistics professionals store, clean and consolidate goods to make the best use of the available space for retrograde movements.
Demilitarization, Dismantling and Disposal (D3) Services

We create tailored solutions for our clients to identify the best possible route for the equipment being processed; whether that is repatriating, selling, scrapping, recycling, or gifting to the local population. We offer dismantling, demilitarization, disposal, packing and other services at our purpose-built retrograde yards.

Afghanistan Retrograde

Supreme is leading the requirement in an organized fashion to support the withdrawal of troops as we work with several of the world’s largest military organizations with their Afghanistan retrograde operations. We are in a unique position, because we have inherent surge capability, the established supply chain in place and more than 10 years of operational experience in Afghanistan.

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