Food Supply Solutions


Food Supply Chain from the Farm to the Front Lines
At Supreme, we effectively manage all aspects of the food supply chain, from sourcing ingredients from local and regional farms, to transport and storage, to kitchen construction, to food preparation and meal service.

We have provided total food supply solutions to defense forces for over half a century. We serve more then 40 million meals per year to UN, NATO, US, UK, EU, Dutch, German, Canadian and Australian military forces, among other clients.

In 2005, Supreme Group was awarded the Subsistence Prime Vendor (SPV) Afghanistan contract by the U.S. Department of Defence (DOD). We have delivered food, water and other supplies to more than 250 locations within Afghanistan for up to 130,000 troops. 

The scope of our global supply chain enables us to provide fresh, high quality food items to facilities located in difficult to reach areas. We utilize a fleet of climate controlled delivery vehicles and state-of-the-art warehouses to ensure that quality is maintained throughout the supply cycle. We can mobilize rapidly to build,

Proven Experience

 “Our leadership team is composed of highly experienced and qualified people from the defense and commercial sectors who are leaders in their fields.”