UK MoD awards Supreme Group worldwide fuel supply contract

06 November 2013 - Supreme Group has been awarded a contract by the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) for the provision of aviation fuel and refuelling services to 96 civilian airports worldwide, predominantly for the Royal Air Force. The two year contract, with an optional two year extension, recently commenced operation.

For more than a decade Supreme Group has successfully supported the U.K. Armed Forces in operations and exercises in Germany, Poland, Norway, Belize, Oman, Bosnia, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and Iraq. Supreme has also been administering the worldwide food supply contract for the MoD in international operations since 1997. When the new contract begins, it will be the first time that Supreme will be extending its support to the U.K. MoD outside of operational deployments.

“This is an exciting project that reflects the MoD’s continued confidence in our proven ability to deliver rapid and reliable results,” said Stephen Orenstein, Principal, Supreme Group. “The MoD appointed several companies to provide worldwide aviation fuel services and we are very happy to have been awarded a significant portion of the total business.”

“We are proud to be Britain’s trusted partner of choice in providing proven supply chain solutions to the U.K. Military, EU and Commonwealth Government departments both within the home countries and across deployments worldwide,” Orenstein added.

Supreme offers proven expertise across the complete fuel supply chain, with specializations in pipeline construction, multi-modal fuel transport systems, fuel testing laboratories and complex refuelling requirements. The company’s legacy of proven and trusted performance spans more than fifty years; covering 30 nations across five continents. Supreme’s total capabilities include procurement, transportation, storage, technology and full site services. For more information, visit


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