Supreme Group organizes blood donation day to save lives in Afghanistan

03 March 2013, Kabul, Afghanistan - Supreme Group has recently organized a blood donation day for its employees in Kabul, in coordination with the Afghanistan National Blood Safety and Transfusion Service (ANBSTS). A total of 81 Afghan National and expatriate employees donated 36,450cc of blood; enough to potentially save the lives of up to 243 people.

“The demand for blood is very high in Afghanistan, and all typesof blood are desperately needed. Access to safe and sufficient supplies of blood and blood products are important worldwide, but are particularly important in Afghanistan – where the demand for blood is often greater than the supply. We thank all of Supreme’s employees in Kabul who donated blood and helped to save lives,” said Dr. Mohammad Hamed Faisal, ANBSTS Executive Assistant, Ministry of Public Health.

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